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Drew Preston

 - Producer - Engineer -
Artist Development Director

Drew Preston is a classically trained musician with specialties in Voice and Percussion.  He has performed internationally as a vocalist, pianist, percussionist, bass guitarist, and as a composer/conductor.  After years in the classical music genre, Drew attended the Recording Conservatory of Austin where he began a new career as a producer for more contemporary styles of music.  He opened Craftsman Recording in 2019.

TJ Feronti is the live audio coordinator for Craftsman Recording.  He consults on all live audio setups both here at Craftsman Studio as well as on location.  He is a part of our live streaming team as well as our music video teams.  TJ has accrued a long history of experience as both a performer and a sound engineer here in Austin.  He spends most of his evenings as the sound engineer for The Backstage, Speakeasy, Antone's, The Empire, Pecan Street Courtyard, and New Life Austin Church.   

T J Feronti

 - Live Sound Coordinator - 
Event Consultant

Dani Gutierrez was born and raised in San Antonio Texas, He moved to Austin in 2017. Dani achieved a post graduate certificate in audio engineering and music production from the Recording Conservatory of Austin. 10+ years of music education. He has experience in classical full ensemble performances as well as more traditional roles as a session drummer. Genre preferences: Alternative, metal, punk rock, grunge, rap, hip hop, experimental.

Dani Gutierrez

- Engineer - 
Rehearsal Space Coordinator

Corey was born here in Austin, TX and is 31 years old. Corey achieved a post graduate certificate in audio engineering and music production from the Recording Conservatory of Austin. He started to guitar at the age of seven and since has learned the drums, bass, and piano. He has experience in rock, metal, punk rock, edm, hip hop, and many more.

Corey Turner

 - Engineer -
Talent Acquisition 

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Brittany Bussell is the videographer at Craftsman Recording. As a former educator of 13 years, Brittany has always been on the forefront of using technology in the classroom. Now with Craftsman she puts her teaching skills and love of technology into the world of live streaming and video production. Brittany has been involved in the arts from a young age - singing and playing the piano - so visual arts is a natural extension of her talents.

Brittany Bussell

 - Video Production - 
Social Media

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